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Apr 2

“I was going over that line – over and over it – because when you just have one line, you focus on it like a weirdo,” Gillan said. “And then I remember getting onto the set, and I remember watching Matt film his regeneration and the scenes leading up to it, and it was a tough time for him because he was saying goodbye to this very important part of his life. And then I realized – I don’t even need to act this line. I was just going to tell him that it was going to be OK, like, just in real life.” [x]

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Apr 2

 I suppose in the end… they break my heart.

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Mar 31

She’s just the weirdest person in the world. And she’s, like, SO pretty, but what’s amazing about Karen is that her beauty is not part of her personality at all. She’s so unaware of it. You know how some people are really beautiful and they go, “oh, I’m beautiful,” but she’s really not, and she’s really funny and really ridiculous.

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Mar 28

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Mar 26

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Mar 24


I will always remember when the doctor was me. x

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Mar 24

Me, Arthur and Matt are so in sync with each other now. We really feel like a team. Things would be boring without them. -  Karen Gillan 

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i can haz jelly bby?
Mar 19


i can haz jelly bby?

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Mar 17

i hear you. all of you. jangling around in that dusty old head of yours

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Mar 17




oh my god they’re adorable

they’re actually cousins in real life

I read that they are cousins, but they didn’t meet until they were on Doctor Who.

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